[Free Template] How to get (and keep) sponsors for your fitness event

Top tips and a free template for getting event sponsors.

Two athletes deadlifting at a functional fitness competition

Throughout the thousands of events we’ve helped organize at Strongest Events, we’ve noticed that organizers generally fall into one of two categories:

  1. Those whose primary objective is to make a profit
  2. Those who hold on an event as a passion or community project

In either case, a good goal is to generate revenue. Whether you’re hosting an event for fun or you’re trying to monetize and grow it, you want to make sure you don’t lose money. 

Enter sponsorships. Sponsorships can help pay for the cost of items like podium prizes, equipment, food and drink, and swag. This all helps create a memorable event – and helps grow your revenue.

Here are our top tips for getting event sponsors, including a template you can use to secure them.

Where to find sponsors

Think about what your event needs from start to finish. Consider everything from the minute registration opens to the final day’s prize ceremonies, and all in between. Then, be creative and identify where potential sponsors can help with those needs. 

For example, you could get a local business to give gift cards to early bird registrants, a healthy meal prep service to feed your volunteers, and a skincare line to provide sunblock for outdoor events. 

Create a list of both past and potential sponsors. Go big – think about everyone from your dream sponsor to smaller ones. Reach out to your friends, family, and gym members. Post on social media. And, of course, ask businesses in your community – they are often eager to support other local businesses.

How to approach sponsors [free template]

Whether you plan to approach someone in person or by email, having a template will make reaching out to sponsors more efficient. Here’s what your sponsorship request template should include:

  • A brief intro to your event.
  • Your event website link. [Don’t have a website yet? Create your event website with Strongest in minutes for free.]
  • Why they’d want to get involved/what’s in it for them. Include stats like the number of athletes registered, spectators expected, historical data, and social media stats.
  • Options on how they can get involved, including sponsorship tiers or options for donations. 

Using this template, your sponsorship request email could look something like:

Hi Mark!

My name is Liana, and I’m the Founder of Strongest Gym here in Toronto. 

I’m reaching out to see if you’d be interested in becoming a sponsor for our the 3rd Annual Strongest Challenge, June 24-26 2022. Here’s our event website; [event URL].

We have over 120 athletes from all over Ontario attending, and we expect to sell over 500 spectator tickets throughout the weekend. We also have a following of over 9k engaged followers across Instagram and Facebook.

There are several different sponsorship levels that will help increase your audience and sales, ensuring your ROI. All of our options can be found in the attached PDF. 

Take a look and let me know which option interests you the most. I’ll reach out in a couple of days to follow-up.

All the best,


What to offer sponsors

Decide on your sponsorship tiers and what each will offer. Have a good range so that would-be sponsors can find a level that fits their needs.

Outline the donation needed to qualify for each tier and what your sponsor will get. Remember not all donations have to be monetary. Gift certificates, memberships, and snacks make great prizes or raffle items.

Be creative. Think about different parts of your event as separate sponsorship opportunities. For example, you could specify that a specific Workout Sponsor would get:

  • Digital Ads: their logo as a banner ad on that specific workout page. [Create and manage sponsor digital ads easily with the Strongest Sponsorship Kit].
  • 2x social media posts
  • Their logo on event t-shirts
  • Onsite signage
  • Shoutouts during the workout by the event MC

Looking for other ideas on levels and tiers? Download our Competition Guide now.

How to keep them coming back

After all the prizes are handed out, most organizers think their work is done. However, this is a key time to build your sponsor relationships. Putting in some extra effort after the event will help encourage sponsors to tell other businesses about their investment – and help them return next year.

The more data you can give, the better. Provide reports to your sponsors on how their digital ads performed. Strongest’s Sponsorship Kit Ad Reports provide detailed information on the number of people who saw their digital ads as well as the number of clicks. You’ll also want to give them other metrics like social media post reach and engagement and onsite attendee numbers.

Finally, don’t forget to thank your sponsors through social media. This will keep growing awareness and driving traffic to them post-event – and it’s, of course, a nice gesture that will make them feel appreciated.

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